Thursday, October 11, 2012

Introducing ... Spirit and Salem!

I just wanted to introduce all of you to my dear friend, Willow's, two newest members of the family...

This is the handsome "Salem"
 and this is the very beautiful "Spirit"
These gorgeous black kitties were rescue cats. Willow tells me that Salem just loves to lie underneath her altar ...
The altar, by the way, was handmade by her hubby Sean.

And, she says "Thank you so much for my prizes!! They arrived today and my wreath is on my altar." Salem claimed the toys and she assures me he "is enjoying it probably more than he should.... lol!" Way to go, Salem!

Brightest Blessings ALL!



  1. These are two very beautiful cats and I love their names. An altar cat!

  2. Such beautiful babies!!! I so want a black cat. Lovely pictures, thanks for sharing Kim. Love and Light.....

  3. What beauties! They remind me of my boy, Shiva, who is waiting for me back in the states. :)

  4. Spirit ans Salem are both enchanting and their names are "purrfect". What a wonderful altar your friends hubby made for her. Salem also approves~~~

    Blessings My Friend,

  5. Thanks my sister. We are so very lucky to have them and spend much time every day adoring them. Chules even likes Salem enough to lay on the same bed with him :)

  6. I love these cats! They are truly beautiful! So precious that Salem lies beneath the altar ;o) I have to put that image on my blog ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  7. Lucky and beautiful cats in time for Samhain. Love the simplicity of your altar with a bonus :-) Many shelters will not adopt black cats in October for obvious reasons.