Monday, October 1, 2012

Getting to know you

Since Tabitha has been back from her surgery on Friday, she has gone through a kind of learning experience. While we still must keep her downstairs in her holding cage until her paws are fully healed, she spends a great deal of time upstairs with the rest of our furr babies.

For the first couple of days she hid underneath our sofa and we literally had to coax her out at bedtime with her favorite cat treats. However, each day seems to be getting better for her and today she decided to lie on top of the sofa rather than under it ~ allowing us to love on her a bit while she purred.

After this Thursday we will be able to keep her upstairs with all of us full-time and she will also be able to use the regular litter box. Something that I think she will come to enjoy immensely!!

In an effort to help encourage a bond between her and our other kitties, hubby bought some "Cat Dancer" toys ...
He actually bought the last four the pet store had left ~ our cats love these things and go through them like they are going out of style!


  1. Awwwww, I am so happy Tabby is coming around and I am so happy she is healing well ;o) Big Hugs, Tabby ;o)

  2. such a beautiful kitty Tabby is!!!

  3. Good for Tabby, life should really improve for her soon.
    What exactly are these Cat Dancers of which you speak? I can't make out too much from the package.

    1. Robin ~ it is a long, curved wire with a birdie-type thingy at the bottom end. You hold it at the one end and make it bounce up and down. The cats go after the "thing" that looks as if it is flying through the air! It's great!! ;)



  4. awww. Glad she's doing well from the surgery and hope that she will perk up, soon. Lola is still segregated on our porch and I can tell that the other 2 cats are getting anxious, even though they stand at the door and hiss at her each time they get a glimpse. LOL. 3 female cats ought to be interesting! Sending happy thoughts for Tabitha.