Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Tabitha Update

Last night, I went shopping at our local Pet Smart and picked up a couple of things for Tabby. I bought her a box of Advantage II Once-a-Month Topical Flea Prevention and Treatment for cats since we would like to eventually get her in the house flea-free ~ although so far we have had little luck as she has claws and gets scared the minute hubby or I try to pick her up. Luckily though, she did allow hubby to get the flea treatment on her.

I also bought her a pretty pink reflecting cat collar that pulls out fairly easy in the event she gets caught on something she won't hurt herself. I still need to get a name and info tag made up for her yet.

As you can see, we haven't given up on her yet and truly hope that she is on her way to becoming one of our "witchy cats" very soon!


  1. I really hope Tabitha becomes one of your witchy cats soon ;o) She has to know, how much you and your hubby love her ;o) It's excellent that your hubby got the flea treatment on her ;o) Hugs ;o)

  2. I forgot to say, I love the collar ;o)

  3. Keeping fingers crossed for Tabitha!!