Friday, August 3, 2012

Introducing ... Tabitha!

It looks as if we are getting closer to our goal of getting the Maine Coon kitty into our home with the rest of the family.  Tonight, I get her to eat cat treats out of my hand just as she does with hubby ...

Yup, we have literally gotten her eating out of our hands alright! My hubby has already given her the name of Tabitha ~ which I believe suits her.

 As I said before, she is such a little people cat that I don't think that we should have too much of a problem acclimating her to being an inside cat.  Here's hoping ...


  1. This is fantastic news, Kim!! You guys have really made progress with her. Love the name Tabitha! Hope all continues to go well.

  2. Yeh!! So happy! I love the name Tabitha!! I love the pictures of her and your hubby! I really hope everything continues to go well ;o)

  3. She is such a pretty cat! I love cats too :)