Thursday, August 30, 2012

Me and my (other) shadow?

Ever since we have brought Tabby into the house, she has stuck to us like glue ~ following me from room to room just like Midnight always does and if I am ever out of her sight, she begins to cry like a baby. She seems to be having a bit of a hard time adjusting and the fact that the other cats are being, in my hubby's words "a-holes," is probably not helping the situation much. But, I have faith that in the end things will eventually work themselves out once all parties understand that no one is leaving! LOL!

Under the circumstances though, I think she is doing fairly well, lounging around on our furniture like a real pro. This further solidifies, in my mind anyhow, that she obviously was a house cat before at some point. She has put up with a lot of verbal abuse from our other kitties who like to hiss and growl (but no hitting so far, thank Goddess) at her the minute she gets too close to them when you can see that all she really wants to do is befriend them. Through it all, she has not gotten aggressive with them at all ~ not a once!

She has an appointment this coming month for both her booster shot and her front declawing which I have scheduled the week of my vacation in September. I am hoping that by that time she will have stopped begging at the front door to run outside, but I have a feeling that we will have to be very cautious and not allow ourselves to ever become complacent with her on that issue.

All in all, she is really such a little sweetheart and we just adore her so!


  1. Hi Witchy Cats Lady...Thanks for stopping by my's always fun to meet new folks...

    ...and it's not always easy to fit a new cat into the existing heirachy...sometimes spraying them all lightly with the same cologne can help...good luck

    PS: do you have to do the declaw?...if so, real bummer for Tabby...but sometimes necessary, I guess...

    1. Hi Judy! It is so great to meet you! I love your blog pics, too. To answer your question about Tabby, in fact we do have to declaw her. You see, all of our other inside kitties are front declaw only and are 100% indoor cats ~ they are never aloud outside nor were they ever interested in doing so either. When we got our first cat many years ago, we were told by our landlord that the ONLY way we could have a cat is if we spay and declawed them, period. SO rather than refuse a cat a very good and loving home (our cats are all spoiled rotten I must admit),we declawed. I know that there is a lot of controvery about it, and if our cats were inside/outside cats I would never even consider it. But trust me when I say that our cats are happy and healthy indeed!!!



    2. Just from looking at your blog, I'm sure that your cats are very loved and spoiled...Like you say, there's a lot of controversy about declawing, but if they have a great home like yours, I'm sure they will say it's worth it...

      Glad you like the pics on my blog...I have a good time with the camera... and anything you can add to help make the photos better is always appreciated...looking forward to seeing you around...

      Note: I do sell all my photos as greeting cards if you know anyone who likes to send cards...