Sunday, August 26, 2012

Much Ado About Mr. Gray

Are you all ready for the continuing story of what appears to be our home turned catery ~ LOL! Well, it appears that our cat Tabitha (A.K.A. stray cat now turned domestic house princess) had a buddy outside who misses her terribly! The next night after we brought her into our home to begin her new life as a spoiled feline, hubby had asked me to go outside and feed Mr. Gray. Mr. Gray is a lovely solid gray male with what I call a white"beagle face marking" around his mouth and nose and a white bibb on his chest.

Apparently, Tabitha and Mr. Gray had formed quite a very close bond with one another while co-existing outside. As I walked out the front door to give him his nightly dinner, I heard a very loud noise which, at first, I thought was the sound of two cats fighting! Turns out that it was only Mr. Gray literally howling for Tabitha! Talk about pitiful? It actually broke my heart to hear that sad little, but loud, cry.

So what now of Mr. Gray? Well, since we can not possibly take in anymore stray kitties, we have decided that we have two options:

1) We could continue to work with him in an attempt to gain his trust, trap him, immediately get him examined at our vet, and then take him to one of our local No-Kill shelters called, "One By One Cat Rescue" which deals strictly with cats only and placing them in good homes, or,
2) We could choose to continue to take care of him as best we can outside and provide him with shelter by installing a cat door in our tiny shed in back of our house. This would also serve as shelter for other strays in need of protection from the harsh weather conditions.

Surprisingly, since Mr. Gray no longer has his little companian to hang out with, hubby has actually been able to get a bit closer to him ~ feeding him cat treats as we did with Tabitha and allowing him to approach us. We can only do so much; however, and the rest is up to him!


  1. Kim, this is so hard! I don't know what to say! My heart would be broken too, hearing Mr. Gray crying for Tabitha. I know whatever you and your hubby decide to do, it will be for the best and I know you will do it out of love! I wish the both of you the best! Hugs ;o)

  2. That is heartwrenching to think of Mr Gray missing Tabby. I am sure you guys will make things safe and good for him.

  3. hopefully Mr. Gray will become very friendly and there won't be a problem. Does Tabitha go in and out,or just inside for now?
    bless everyone's hearts!!

    1. Ann ~ we actually brought Tabitha in from outside and she will remain indoors with the rest of our indoor kitties always. Mr. Gray seems like a nice cat and we just want to do right by him, you know?

      Thank you and many blessings to you,