Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A new venue

I am still working with Mr Gray. Feeding him and caring for him everyday. This afternoon I made a special trip to Petsmart to pick up a little outside shelter for him. Somewhere where he can feel fairly safe and keep dry and somewhat warm on these nights which are getting cooler.

I originally wanted to buy him an Igloo but not at $114.00 a pop! So I ended up purchasing an outdoor dog box instead. I also placed a towel inside it which has his scent on it thinking that perhaps this will encourage him to use it. He walked up to it cautiously and looked inside of it, but would not yet venture in. Hopefully, he will use it when it rains or he gets too chilly. We placed it in back of our house mainly in an attempt to keep him away from the road as much as possible.

We would still like to find a way to bring him indoors, but until then we will do whatever we can to help take care of him. The way I see it, he deserves that much!


  1. Good choice for a little cottage for Mr Gray. I am sure he will take advantage of it soon. You are such a good witch, Kim.

  2. :) I've had much luck with picking up outdoor houses at yard sales for cheap. He's beautiful. I can see why you are enamored with him. Sending luck!

  3. What a beautiful thing to do, Kim :) My daughter did this same thing with her cat "Kitty". He was a stray, adult cat also and she worried that he would get hit by a car or become supper for coyotes...she lives in the country. She has had him for a few years and he is a wonderful house cat now ;)


  4. Kim, you are a good hearted witch! I am sure Mr. Gray will be making use of his new home soon ;o) Hugs ;o)