Monday, September 3, 2012

Just Call Me Mr. Handsome!

We are finally beginning to see a little of Mr. Gray's personality come out. While giving him his food and cat treats at feeding time last night, he waited patiently underneath my car as usual. I slowly walked around him, placed his food dish in front of the garage door and sat down in front of him. I began to shake the bag of cat treats while he cautiously made his way over to me.

Not too long after I gave him some treats, he surprisingly allowed me to pet him. Until now, this was something that neither my hubby nor I were able to do before without him backing away from us. Then, out of nowhere, he began rubbing up against me ~ meowing a couple of times and purring!

This is a huge milestone for him and quite a relief as we were not too sure that he would ever really show us any level of trust. From what I can see, he is not a "Catch and Release" like Tabby and he is most likely still in-tact. None-the-less, we still fully intend to help him any way we can. Next step is to treat him with the Advantage II topical flea control.

Isn't he such a handsome fella?


  1. Sure, there is no problem that he is cute one. He looks very handsome and awesome.

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  2. Oh he is beautiful….With love and patience like you're giving him, he'll slowly make his way to you.

  3. Even a tough tom-cat craves a bit of lovin'. Good for you, Kim and getting a kitty rubbing. He is very handsome.

  4. Kim, he is so cute! I wish I lived closer! I know mom and I would take Mr Gray ;o) He reminds me of my Falco ;o) I know you and your hubby will take good care of him ;o) I thought I would share this link with you ;o) I think you will enjoy it ;o) Hugs my friend ;o)!)