Thursday, September 20, 2012

After You've Made Hay

There is an old Pennsylvania Dutch proverb which goes, "It's no use closing the barn door after you've made hay!" So exactly WHAT does that mean? Well, basically it means that there is no point in trying to prevent something bad from happening after the damage has already been done.
Up until now, hubby and I have always made sure that within a week or so of taking in a cat we made an appointment to have their fronts declawed ~ no fooling around! And, until they were we did not allow them to roam around too freely to claw the crap out of our furniture, etc. For some reason, we did not do that with Tabby. In fact, she isn't scheduled to get declawed until next Thursday! I suppose it was my fault for not doing it sooner.
What a BIG mistake that was! Last night, we noticed that she did this to our $2,000.00 sofa set ...
I was not too thrilled to say the very least!!! Not only can we not afford to replace this piece of furniture, we can not even afford to get it reupholstered. Needless to say, I  CAN'T  WAIT  TO FINALLY  GET  HER  DECLAWED! Yup, you heard me, folks! I understand that she is simply doing what she was born to do, but there are simply certain things I will not tolerate and, in my opinion, losing her front claws is a small price to pay to have a loving, forever totally indoor existence! She is a sweet little cat, but she is also the most wild we have ever had and therefore has much to learn about being an indoor kitty no matter where she would live.
I think, I hope, that once she is completely acclaimated to her surroundings and the "do's" and "dont's" of living indoors she will be okay. You know, things such as not sticking your paws into the bunny cage and scaring him to half to death, and jumping up on anything and everything she happens to feel like including our stove, etc.
In the meantime, we will have to do some damage control to keep both she and the other cats safe and sound.


  1. Oooh, too bad about the sofa.
    It's definitely going to take your wild one time to get used to indoor life.
    But I know you love her bunches; hopefully nothing worse will happen.

  2. So sorry about the couch!! Our two new additions have all of their claws too and I can't wait to get the deed done!!

    1. Blessed Be to that one, my sister!! Have a wonderful Mabon!!!! Wish you were here!

      Love and hugs,


  3. Kim, I am so sorry about everything! I hope Tabby doesn't do anything else, before you get her claws done! Big Hugs ;o)

  4. That really is a job that she sorry, Kim. My daughter usually has her cats declawed right away, too. But the new "kitty" is still to young. He picked on her older cat by swiping him with claws out, while he was sleeping...bad "kitty"! The older one, who thankfully is declawed, swiped him back and sent him flying off the couch. Maybe the older cat will help keep the "kitty" in line until his claws are removed :)