Monday, September 10, 2012

Keeping up with Page!

As you know, I sometimes co-write this blog with my friend and fellow cat enthusiast, Page. Page just so happens to be the son of my best friend and twin soul, Rhiannon, and one of my best Wicca students who has allowed me to be his teacher since the age of 6.

Page has been very busy these days as a full-time student at Reading Area Community College (RACC). However, he gladly took a brief break from his studies in order to help me put together this little interview for you all as to get to know more about him and what he has been up to! 

LCM:  How long have you been Wiccan and what do you like the most about it?

PG:    I've been Wiccan since I was about 5 or 6, my mom is Wiccan and I've been practicing it ever since she has. My mom grew up being raised Catholic, but found Wicca when she was in her mid 20's. We both sort of learned about Wicca together, she wasn't afraid to let me know what Wicca really was about. What I like best about Wicca is it something you can practice any time anywhere you want to and the fact that it's an original religion that is very nature based.

LCM:  What is it about cats that you love best?

PG:     I grew up always having at least one or two cats living in my house, so I've grown up to be more of a cat person. Now that we bought a dog a few years ago, I really have come to realize I'm definately a cat type person. I just think cats are smarter. I like that they are independent and keep a schedule.I also like how some cats can detect if their owner is feeling sick or sad.

LCM:  How very true! You are currently keeping very busy as a college student, so where are you attending, what are you studying, and what are your future plans?

PG:  Right now I'm attending college to become an Elementary School Reading Specialist. I'd like to get my Masters Degree after I'm done with the traditional four years, so that will add on at least two more years of college, but I'm fine with that because hopefully that will give the economy more time to get better and add jobs. Also it will give me more time to save some $$$ for my own house someday. I also work at a daycare in their school age room. Getting this job really helped me realize what it is like to be an authority figure and a role model.

LCM:   That's so great! What are your hobbies when you are not studying?

PG:   When I'm not busy studying or working, I like to hang out with my friends. I also like to read (I'm currently reading the "Hunger Games" books), draw ( I'm taking a introduction to drawing class) , play video games , take pictures, make movies on my computer, watch TV ( my favorite shows are "The Big Bang Theory", "Cake Boss", and "Modern Family"), listen to music, and play hockey.

LCM:  Sounds like fun! Do you have a particular favorite breed of cat and, if so, why?

PG:   My favorite cat breed is the American Shorthair AKA Tabby cat. I don't know why, I just like them the best. I guess because that's the type of cat I've always had.

LCM:  I really love the American Shorthair, too. I think for the most part they have the sweetest personalities! What is your favorite movie about cats and/or witches?

PG:   My favorite movie about cats would have to be almost any by Disney like "The Aristocats", "Oliver and Company," "Bolt," and "That Darn Cat," My faveorite witch type movies would have to be the "Harry Potter" movies, as a young kid I liked the Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen movie,"Double, Double Toil & Trouble," as well as the Scooby-Doo movie "Scooby-Doo and the Witches Ghost" because those movies did their best to explain how there were bad witches who used black magic, but also good witches too, who used other sorts of magic. I also liked the tv shows "Charmed," Buffy the Vampire Slayer," and "Angel," because they also dabbed into witchcraft and showed it in a positive way.

LCM:   Is there any advice you would like to give our followers about anything at all (cats, Wicca, blogging, friendship, etc.)?

PG:    Some advise I would give followers: Don't believe that witchcraft and magic is bad like the media and other religions would like you to think. Unfortunately, society has given people a negative image of Wicca, so I personally, really don't go around telling my friends and other people that I practice it. I mostly keep it as a family thing. But even after my mom tried to explain Wicca to my Grandfather he still thinks of it as Voodoo!!! (LoL). But I do sort of think it has gotten a bit better, especially since the popularity of Harry Potter (LoL!!!) I think younger people like myself are sort of more open and curious about Wicca than ever in the last decade since books like "Harry Potter" and shows like "Charmed," came out. Luckily, I knew about Wicca before all that stuff came out, so for me Wicca is more than just some fad- type thing. But at the same time if you are curious about Wicca because of something you read or watched on TV, don't be afraid to give Wicca a try, it's never a bad thing to expose yourself to different religions so you can see what you like.

LCM:  Well said! Thank you so very much for taking the time to talk with us today and I wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors!

Me, Page and Rhiannon


  1. What a great interview, Kim. Page is a well-spoken, interesting young man! I liked reading this very much. Merry Meet, Page, and hugs to you and your mom! (and of course to Kim). Robin.

  2. Excellent interview Kim ;o) I agree with everything Robin has said! Page you are a well spoken young man and you are very interesting and fun! Merry Meet Page ;o) Hugs to everyone ;o)