Thursday, September 13, 2012

Oops! I did it again!

As far as Mr. Gray is concerned, I may be no substitute for his little Tabitha, but he really doesn't appear to mind very much. In fact, he has bonded with me in a way I never expected from him.

The daily routine: He usually waits for me early in the morning before I leave for work in which I feed him his breakfast. Every evening around 7-7:30 he patiently waits underneath my car for me to come outside with his dinner and call to him, "Mr, Gray, Mr. Gray?" He then proceeds to run over to me and chat endlessly until I sit down on the ground next to him Indian-style. Takes a few bites of his food and then rubs up against me while purring happily and contently. There, I sit side by side with him for about a half an hour or until he gets restless and leaves to do whatever he does every night.

So you tell me, how could I NOT fall in love with this sweet little boy? Hubby can get close enough to pet him for a short time, but as soon as he sees me he runs excitedly to me! Last night, hubby said to me, "Boy, you can sure tell that he has HIS favorite! LOL!

So where do we go from here? Well, it is still pretty much up to Mr. Gray himself, but the plan is to eventually somehow get him into the house and keep him with Haley in her catio. I have no idea exactly when or how this is going to work, but I haven't given up on him by any means ...

Mr. Gray greeting me with a meow!
Rolling around next to me while I pet him from head to toe
Seriously, how could I resist such a little sweetheart? The answer: I can't!!!  ;)


  1. I knew it! I knew it! As soon as you name 'em, that's it! And you have been talking about him forever, so it was obvious to me that you were absolutely going to take him in, despite your protests of "no more!" LOL!! You are a softie. But so am I and most everyone who loves cats!! Hugs to Mr. Gray and good luck!

    1. Robin ~ LOL!! I know, I am such a sucker for a sweet cat! ;)

  2. I wondered what happened to him.I know that One by One cat rescue are always full. They couldn't help my parents out when they needed homes and now the situation is worse. My brother tries to get them in and get them fixed when he can. It's good you are keeping him. We have to try to get together soon. Also with Judy.

  3. What a handsome guy! And, such a clear sweetie. Lol. I was wondering how long it would take -- not long at all! :) Many blessings!

  4. Kim!!! I am so happy!!! Mr. Gray is so lucky! You know what, you and your hubby might have to buy a bigger house with all of these cats! LOL!

  5. Awe, so sweet! He's put his spell on you, and you on him!